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  • Schindler House, Powai

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  • Monday to Saturday

  • We have deep understanding of our MSME clients needs which enables customization of loan product.
  • We support MSMEs who would otherwise be considered risky or small or untested.
  • Our online loan application form is easy to understand.
  • Ability to upload all necessary documents online to reduce cost and time in information submission.
  • MSMEs can retrieve partially completed information for up to 30 days.
  • Minimal incremental information if you apply for another loan within 6 months.
  • MSMEs can track their application status on their login portal on
  • Answers to queries from our NBFC or other banks/NBFCs can be given online during the sanction process.
  • Our proprietary MSME credit score model and collateral score model enables faster filtering and decision making so turnaround time is within a week.